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2011 Aikido Taisai

Phoenix Martial Arts

Saturday April 30th

group photo

"Once a year friends on the path of Aikido gather together here (Iwama) in celebration, and to reflect and show appreciation for the work of pioneers in Aikido who have gone before us. For this celebration the four walls of the Aiki Shrine are removed to show the bond and the harmony between the spirit and the natural world around us. This is my understanding of this event."
Homma Kancho

The Japanese Spring Taisai (festival) celebrates death and rebirth. In Iwama the festival is held on the anniversary of O'Sensei's death (26th April) in honour of his achievements and those of the pioneers of aikido. In 2011, in addition to O'Sensei and the pioneers of Aikido, we remembered and honoured the following Sensei who passed away this year:

Haydn Foster Sensei ("The Godfather"), 7th Dan
William 'Slim' Coyle Sensei
Tim Buswell Sensei, 5th Dan

The Sensei for the 2011 Taisai were Paul McGlone Sensei, 6th Dan Poole Aikido Club, Chris Bartley Sensei, 5th Dan T.I.A.E. and Pete Reynolds Sensei, 4th Dan New Forest Aikido all of whom knew Tim Buswell Sensei very well. Tim Sensei began his training with Paul McGlone Sensei at Poole Aikido Club. Chris Sensei and Pete Sensei were his training partners (collectively known as "The Three Musketeers").

Entry to the taisai was by donation. Wellsprings Aikido sponsored the event and the Sensei kindly donated their time. This meant that we were able to give 100% of the donations made to a charity working in the our community. Thanks to the generosity of the aikidoka present


was donated to

Macmillan Cancer Support

in memory of the late Tim Buswell Sensei of South Coast Aikido.

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